The Luwak Resort

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Luwak Resort

About the culture, place and people.

The name Luwak Resort is inspired by the one of the famous local civet called Luwak . This Civets are a type of cat and are primarily fruit-eaters, feeding on berries and pulpy fruits such coffee trees and palms. The Luwak eats only the best quality and most perfect fruit and seeds. Same as the civets Luwak Resort provide the best accommodation, attentive and service

The Destination

About the place.



Ubud is one of place at Gianyar district on Bali island, Indonesia.  Ubud very famous between foreign tourist , because the location which placed on rainforest, rice field and valley make Ubud…


Tejakula is the one sub-district on Singaraja which placed on the north of bali. Tejakukula is the eastern of sub district on singaraja. Tejakula area The Tejakula area is known as a…

Wayang Wong Tejakula

Wayang wong the one of the sacred dance from tejakula which the dance are combining parwa art and gambuh art. The dancers are also should the special people.